Sunday, March 5, 2017

The first weekend of Great Lent...

On Friday, as per tradition in the Orthodox Church, we blessed wheat after the presanctified liturgy, in memory of St. Theodore Tyro.

 The little ones gathered behind their father to watch the blessing.

Yesterday morning we attended liturgy for a second day in a row and afterwards, indulged in these delicious cinnamon rolls from Trader Joe's...which are completely Lenten! Go try them, you will not regret it! They bake in 20 minutes, which makes for a perfect post-liturgy, no-effort light breakfast as you sip your tea or coffee and prepare for the rest of the day.

Happy Sunday of Orthodoxy to you all! We have officially made it through week 1 of Great Lent - 6 weeks until Pascha! It's going to fly by...

Tonight, my husband is attending Sunday of Orthodoxy vespers, but the little ones and I are going to enjoy our first lenten pizza for dinner - Yum! (I even bought pre-made dough at the supermarket to make things easier for myself).

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  1. such sweet pictures, esp the one of your kids behind their father! Yes, first week down already! I will have to try to remember those cinnamon rolls!!! how fun! God bless!